In digital video, photography, television and film, post-production refers to the tasks that must be completed or executed after the filming or shooting ends. This includes tasks such as the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks. Post-production is the third and final step in film creation. It follows the pre-production and production phases.


A film and video editor is a highly skilled film industry employee who edits movies or videos. The success or ultimate failure of the production lies in their hands. The final production must be a coherent project that incorporates the storyline and personality of the starring actors. Many in the industry consider film editing to be an art that often goes unnoticed and unappreciated, with some dubbing film editing as 'the silent art'.


The job duties of film and video editors are numerous. An editor might find themselves studying scripts


to understand the storyline and collaborating with directors, producers, and film staff regarding the script and director's goals.


Throughout the filming, the film editor will examine tapes for editing purposes, looking for errors,


segments that run long or parts that do not match the story or go with the storyline.


He/she will work with others adding sounds, voices and music that match the script and place them in the appropriate place.


The film and video editor’s job has changed over the years.


When movies were black and white, editing was simple. With computer and advanced technology,


a film and video editor's job became increasingly more complex using computer graphics


to aid in editing films and supplying the necessary elements to create the finished product.


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